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Fall Tagging 2016

posted 3 Oct 2016, 08:32 by 883 Training   [ updated 19 Oct 2016, 19:52 by Site Maintenance ]

The squadron's biggest fundraising event is coming up very soon! Are you ready to break another squadron fundraising record this year? Do you want to try to get some cool prizes or be a part of the 883 Club? Come out to your fall tagging session and show us on 21-23 Oct 16. This is a mandatory event for all cadets. Every cadet's minimum participation will get the squadron even closer to breaking the record. Here's what you need to know: 

- Cadets are required to attend a MINIMUM of 3 shifts each. Shift dates and times are listed below.
- Dress is C2 (Tunic and light blue linen shirt w/ tie); Recruits wear your black and white with a tie. 
- Meet at Randall Public School
- Parents: You can show your support for our cadets by volunteering some of your time to help drive cadets to and from different locations. Any amount of time will be appreciated! Please ask for more information if needed. 

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal: 

1. Dress and Deportment: Make sure your uniform looks clean and sharp! The better your uniform looks, the higher the chances you'll catch their attention. Be on your best behaviour at ALL times, someone is always looking at you. Don't slouch, lean against the doors/walls/windows, chew gum, eat while tagging, or be swearing. 

2. Be polite: You are a Cadet and one of the finest youth of Markham. Whether they donate or not, be kind, polite, and respectful.  Make sure you are using "Ma'am" or Sir" at all times along with your "Please" and "Thank You". You can also help them in various ways such as holding the door open if their hands are full. 

3.  Ask EVERYONE: Ask each and every person that passes by you. The donation amount does not matter, you are still getting something rather than nothing by not asking. Ensure you have an opener, for example "Excuse me Ma'am/Sir, would you like to help support the Air Cadets?" or "Can you help support the Air Cadet program please Ma'am/Sir?

4. Don't avoid conversations: People will be curious and want to know more about what you are doing and what an Air Cadet is. Don't be afraid to tell them all about what tagging is and all the amazing things you can do as an Air Cadet. This can be a great way for you to help grow our squadron!

5. SMILE! The best tip is to put on your biggest smile while tagging. You can change someone's mood instantly with a smile and maybe even get them to change their mind about donating to you! 

Shift Dates and Times: 

Friday 21 Oct:         1700-2100 hrs

Saturday 22 Oct:    *Full day: 0830-1800 hrs
                              Morning: 0830-1330 hrs 
                              Afternoon: 1300-1800 hrs

Sunday 23 Oct:       *Full day: 0830-1800 hrs
                               Morning: 0830-1330 hrs
                               Afternoon: 1300-1800 hrs

*Full day is equivalent to 2 shifts.