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CNE Volunteer Opportunity

posted 13 Jul 2018, 18:32 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 14 Jul 2018, 10:53 ]

883 is providing the opportunity again this year at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) to showcase the Cadet Program! We are looking for volunteers to assist in staffing a Cadet Information Booth at CNE from 17 Aug 18 - 03 Sept 18. 

Cadets will be able to receive community service hours for this event!

Each day is broken down into two shifts as follows:
1) MORNING : 1000-1600 HRS
2) AFTERNOON : 1530-2215 HRS

Dress: C2B (summer dress, no tie)

Transportation to and from the event will be the cadets' own responsibility.

Those that are attending are required to bring the following:
1) Lunch / Supper and water
2) Sunscreen
3) Any required prescription medication
4) Health card

Further details regarding the meeting location will be given closer to the start date of this event.

If you are interested in showcasing the Cadet Program, please sign up using the forms below and select ALL dates and shifts you are available for. 
Note: If you can no longer attend the shift you signed up for, you must let us know at least 72 hours in advance.

CNE Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

posted 24 May 2018, 10:02 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 11 Jul 2018, 14:30 ]

883 is providing the opportunity for the Cadets to gain some volunteer hours and be engaged with the community! We have a couple of events happening that we would like cadets to come and help out! Volunteer hours will be given for each activity. Please sign up using the appropriate forms below!

SAT 02 JUN 18
Trg: Unionville Festival Parade
Loc.: Main Street Unionville
Time: 0930-1100 hrs
Dress: C2B (summer dress)

Note: Band members are to bring their instrument and music

WED 06 JUN 18
Trg: Garbage Pick-Up Day
Loc.: Randall PS
Time: 1830-2000 hrs
Dress: Appropriate civilian attre

Note: SR Band members are not to sign up for this event

SAT 09 JUN 18
Trg: Markham Cenotaph Dedication Ceremony
Loc.: Main Street Markham (MDVA)
Time: 0930-1200 hrs
Dress: C2 (full dress)

Note: SR Band members are not to sign up for this event

FRI 06 JUL 18 - SUN 08 JUL 18
Trg: Markham Rotary Ribfest
Loc.: Downtown Markham, 179 Enterprise Blvd.
Dress: Appropriate civilian attire

Please see the attached poster for more information regarding this volunteer opportunity.

Note: This specific activity will not be done as a unit but you are more than welcome to sign up to volunteer on your own:
 2) EMAIL:

Unionville Festival Parade

Garbage Pick-Up Day

Markham Cenotaph Dedication Service

Annual Ceremonial Review 2018

posted 18 May 2018, 14:44 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 21 May 2018, 21:54 ]

Please join us in celebrating 883 Air Commodore Leonard Birchall Squadron's 7th Annual Ceremonial Review on Saturday 26 May 18 @ 1230hrs. This parade will be the final one for this training year and will display some of the excellent work the cadets of 883 have done this year. We open our invites to all parents, family, and friends to attend and show your support for the cadets! 

There will be a few presentations and displays a part of the parade as well. Guests can join us after the parade for a small reception and have a look at some static displays put together by the senior cadets of 883. 

This year, we will be having Major Saccary, CD, J1 Administration Officer as our Reviewing Officer

Please see attachment and below for more information. 

Date: Saturday 26 May 18
Time: Arrive at 1230hrs for 1300hrs
Location: Markham Village Community Centre Arena (6041 Hwy 7 East, on the South East Corner)
Dress: Business Attire
*Please make sure your cell phones are turned off or put on silent upon entering*

Date: Saturday 26 May 18
Time: 0800-1500 hrs
Location: Markham Village Community Centre Arena (6041 Hwy 7 East, on the South East Corner)
- Come in appropriate civilian attire with proper footwear for drill (i.e. no flip flops and sandals) 
- Males MUST be clean-shaven and with a hair cut up to standards, we will be enforcing this policy in the morning
- Females may have hair in a ponytail but will do their hair to standards after lunch (bring gel and all your hair accessories)
- You are to bring your FULL C1 Uniform on coat hangars, well ironed, and boots well polished with a shine
- Lunch and snacks will be provided - you may bring your own water

Invite your friends and parents to come see everything the Squadron has done and accomplished this year!

Kit List
- Wedge
- Tunic & belt
- Light Blue linen shirt and tie
- Pants and belt
- Issued Sock and boots
- lint brush
- Females: Hair gel, pins, hair net
- Polish (minor touch-ups)
- Band Cadets: Instruments and music

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any senior cadet or staff member.

We hope to see everyone there! 

May 2018 Newsletter

posted 8 May 2018, 15:45 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 8 May 2018, 15:47 ]

May is going to be a busy month for our unit! There are many things going on including our FTX to our Annual Ceremonial Review. See the attached newsletter for more information!

2018 Squadron Photo Orders

posted 7 May 2018, 16:37 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 7 May 2018, 16:37 ]

883's SSC will start taking photo orders this week, 09 May 18

If you are interested in ordering photos for some great memories, please see the attached form below and bring it to the SSC table on a Wednesday night.
Any questions can be directed to the SSC as well.

Intra-Squadron Sports Competition

posted 7 May 2018, 16:29 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 7 May 2018, 16:29 ]

Come out and participate in another squadron sports competition! This event is opened to all cadets of 883 on 20 May 18 at Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy.
If you are interested in attending, please use the sign up form below.

Details are as follows:
Date: 20 May 18
Time: 0900-1700 hrs *timings will be confirmed closer to the date
Loc.: Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy
Dress: Appropriate sports attire - bring your health card and water bottles!

Lunch will be provided.


Spring Gliding Dates

posted 19 Apr 2018, 05:25 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 9 May 2018, 08:08 ]

This is your opportunity to go up in a glider! This event is opened to all cadets and is recommended that you attend at least one gliding session! It is an experience that you would not want to miss. This season, we have 2 Spring Gliding sessions available - 19 May 18 and 27 May 18. Since we can only take 40 per day, cadets will only be selected for one of the dates. We will also be looking at if you have done the minimum amount of tagging shifts this training year. 

Date: 19 May 18 OR 27 May 18
Time: 0800-1700 hrs
Loc.: Parents are to drop off and pick up their cadet at Randall PS.
Dress: Appropriate civilian attire - dress for the weather
Note: Bring light snacks, water, and health card

Sign up using the forms below.

May Gliding - 19 May 18

May Gliding - 27 May 18

Spring FTX 2018

posted 5 Apr 2018, 09:13 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 30 Apr 2018, 18:33 ]

This year's Spring FTX (Fall Training Exercise) will be conducted on 4-6 May 18. This event is mandatory for those in Level 1, 3, and 4. 

Timings: Cadets are to meet up at Randall Public School with all their kit and health cards on 4 May 18 by 1700 hrs.
Parents are to pick up their cadets at Randall Public School on 06 May 18, buses are expected to return by approx. 1700 hrs. 
Dress: Appropriate civilian attire or Field Training Uniforms - dress and pack for the weather
Location: Earl Rowe Provincial Park

NOTE: You will be carrying your kit to the campsite area from the drop-off area, please use an appropriate / easily carry-able kit bag when packing
See "Operational Wilderness" Kit List here for what to bring. Kit inspections will be done prior to departure, those who do not have the required items will not be permitted to go due to safety reasons.

Spring FTX ‎(4-6 May)‎

Spring Tagging 2018

posted 28 Mar 2018, 08:36 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 20 Apr 2018, 07:25 ]

Once again, 883 Squadron will be holding another Tagging event! Help us break another squadron fundraising record this year by attending our Spring Tagging session on 19-22 Apr 18. This is a mandatory event for all cadets. Every cadet's minimum participation will get the squadron even closer to breaking the record. Here's what you need to know: 

- Cadets are required to attend a MINIMUM of 3 shifts each - sign up using the forms below
- Dress: C2 (full dress) ; If you do not have your complete uniform, wear your black and whites
- Cadets MUST have their health card with them during their shift
Parents: Come show your support for our cadets by volunteering some of your time to help drive cadets to and from different locations. Any amount of time will be appreciated! Please ask for more information if needed. There is a waiver form attached at the bottom for parent volunteers. Please bring this with you when you come!

*More details and tips, attached*

Shift Dates and Times:

LHQ LOCATION - Markham Village Community Centre
Thursday 19 Apr:    1700-2100 hrs

Friday 20 Apr:         1700-2100 hrs

LHQ LOCATION - Markham District High School
Saturday 21 Apr: *Full day: 0830-1800 hrs
                               Morning: 0830-1330 hrs 
                               Afternoon: 1300-1800 hrs

Sunday 22 Apr: *Full day: 0830-1800 hrs
                            Morning: 0830-1330 hrs
                            Afternoon: 1300-1800 hrs

*Full day is equivalent to 2 shifts.
- Lunch is provided for those that are tagging full shift on Saturday and Sunday







Squadron Effective Speaking Competition

posted 22 Mar 2018, 18:17 by Site Administrator   [ updated 25 Mar 2018, 19:46 by Site Maintenance ]

This past Wednesday, we held our squadron effective speaking competition in order to select three cadets to participate in the zone competition.
Congratulations to Cpl Li Chris, Cdt Cui Kevin and Cpl Hu Jimmy for being selected! They will be training for the next few weeks in order to prepare for the zone competition that will happen in April. Thank you to all of the cadets who participated!

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