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Name Tag Orders 2020

posted 28 Feb 2020, 16:44 by Site Maintenance

All cadets are to have at least 1 name tag for their uniform. Please sign up below if you require one or would like to purchase extras.

First year cadets get their 1st name tag FREE. 
For all other cadets, it will cost $3 to the SSC.

The order form will close on 07 Mar 20.

Name Tag Orders 2020

Aviation Day - RCMI Tour

posted 28 Feb 2020, 16:40 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 6 Mar 2020, 07:43 by 883 Training ]

883 will be going to the Royal Canadian Museum-Institute on Sat 28 Mar 20. If you are interested, please sign up below.

Details are as follows:

Date: Sat 28 Mar 20
Time: 0900-1300 hrs
Loc.: Meet at MCI for the bus
Dress: Appropriate civilian attire

Note: Cadets are to eat breakfast prior to the event. Bring water, health card, light snacks


Squadron Sports Day 2020

posted 24 Jan 2020, 07:15 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 30 Jan 2020, 11:32 by 883 Training ]

We will be holding a friendly squadron sports competition on 08 Feb 2020 from 0900-1600 hrs at Wilclay Public School
Your attendance will count towards one of the mandatory recreational sports night.

Cadets will need to bring their health card, appropriate sports attire, and water bottle. Lunch will be provided.

Please sign up below if you will be attending.

Squadron Sports Day 2020

March Break Trip 2020 - CANCELLED

posted 20 Jan 2020, 05:40 by 883 Training   [ updated 12 Mar 2020, 06:14 ]

The March Break trip to New York has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. All international travels have been suspended for Cadets. A cancellation letter have been provided to each cadet and their parents.

March Break Trip 2020

Parent Info Night 2019

posted 22 Nov 2019, 13:21 by Site Maintenance

883's Squadron Sponsoring Committee will be holding a Parent Information Night on Wed 27 Nov 19. We would like to invite all parents and family members of cadets to join in at 1930 hrs at Middlefield Collegiate Institute. 

Throughout the night, parents will find out more about the following:
  • How can the Cadet Program benefit your kids?
  • Who should you ask if you have further questions?
  • How can parents get involved to help the squadron?
  • General Q&A

Santa Claus Parades 2019

posted 12 Nov 2019, 08:43 by 883 Training   [ updated 22 Nov 2019, 16:34 ]

Coming up for the holiday season 883 will be participating in 2 local community Santa Claus Parades. Come out and join our squadron spread the holiday spirit!

The details are as follows:

Date: Sat 23 Nov 19
Trg: Markham Santa Claus Parade
Loc.: Meet at Hwy 7 & Main St. Markham - Foat # 42
Time: Meet NLT 1030 hrs, will end approx 1300 hrs
Dress: C3D (full dress with sweater) - layer up, dress for the weather - wear a parka/dark coloured jacket and black gloves

Note1: Band members, do not bring your instrument case
Note2: The Markham Road and Hwy 7 will be closed during the parade.
Note3: Parents can pick up their cadet from the Markham Museum area

Date: Sun 24 Nov 19 *MANDATORY FOR BAND*
Trg: Vaughan Santa Claus Parade
Loc.: Meet at Middlefield CI for the bus
Time: Meet NLT 1100 hrs, will be back at approx. 1500 hrs
Dress: C3D (full dress with sweater) - layer up, dress for the weather - wear a parka/dark coloured jacket and black gloves

Note1: Band members, do not bring your instrument case
Note2: Roads will be closed: Major Mackenzie Drive from Hwy 400 to Vaughan City Hall

Cadets will be able to get community service hours for participation! 
Please use the forms below to sign up

Markham Santa Claus Parade 2019

Vaughan Santa Claus Parade 2019

Mess Dinner 2019

posted 8 Nov 2019, 10:13 by 883 Training   [ updated 10 Dec 2019, 10:58 by Site Maintenance ]

This year's Squadron Mess Dinner will be held on Wednesday 18 December 2019. It is an event that you do not want to miss out on!
Come join us for a enjoyable meal right before the winter holidays. 

Details are as follows:
Date: Wed 18 Dec 19
Time: 1830-2200 hrs
Loc.: The Brighton Convention & Events Centre, 2155 McNicoll Ave, Toronto, ON M1V 5P1
Dress: C2 Mess dress: tunic, white dress shirt, bowtie 

For those who do not have their full uniform, you are to wear white dress shirt with black bowtie

Note: SSC will be selling bowties on Wednesday nights!

Cadets who did 0-2 tagging shifts: $25
Cadets who did 3+ tagging shifts: $20

Please sign up below to reserve your ticket!

Mess Dinner 2019

Remembrance Day Service 2019

posted 7 Nov 2019, 10:48 by 883 Training

Details for the Remembrance Day Service as as follows:

Date: 09 Nov 19
Time: Arrive for 0930 hrs, will end approx. 1200 hrs. 
Loc.: MDVA at 7 Washington Street
Dress: C1A (full dress)

Note: Don't forget a poppy!

All cadets are reminded to dress warmly and layer up (wear the cadet parka, dark solid coloured jacket, black gloves) as cadets will remained outdoors for the duration of the service.

The parade will macrhed down Markham Road to the Cenotaph and back up to the MDVA. 
Parents are welcome to spectate and join us at the cenotaph for the ceremony. 

Keep in mind that the roads around the area will be closed starting at 1000 hrs. Parents can park at Makham Village Community Centre and walk over to the meet up point.

Fall Tagging 2019

posted 8 Oct 2019, 05:50 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 17 Oct 2019, 05:19 by 883 Training ]

Our biggest fundraiser event is happening just around the corner! Thurs 17 - Sun 20 Oct 19, we will be holding our Fall Tagging event. This event is mandatory for all cadets, they are to complete a minimum of 3 shifts. Please sign up using the appropriate forms below. 

Details are as follows:

Thursday and Friday
Loc: Markham Village Community Centre
Time: Arrive for 1700 hrs, can be picked up at 2100 hrs
Dress: C3 (full dress)

Saturday and Sunday (AM)
Loc.: Markham District High School
Time: Arrive for 0830 hrs, can be picked up at 1330 hrs
Dress: C3 (full dress)

Saturday and Sunday (PM)
Loc.: Markham District High School
Time: Arrive for 1300 hrs, can be picked up at 1800 hrs
Dress: C3 (full dress)



FALL TAGGING - SAT 19 OCT 19 ‎‎‎(AM)‎‎‎




Fall FTX 2019

posted 7 Oct 2019, 05:30 by Site Maintenance   [ updated 24 Oct 2019, 05:35 ]

This year, our Fall FTX will be happening on 25-27 Oct 19. It will be mandatory for all cadets in levels 2-5, if you cannot attend, please speak to your level officer.

Details as follows:
Location: Meet at Middlefield CI for the buses / FTX will be held at Blackdown Cadet Training Centre
Time: Arrive NLT 1700 hrs
Dress: Appropriate civilian attire - kit list attached, pack for the weather

Sign up below. 

Fall FTX 2019

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