08 Apr 18 - 14 Apr 18

Post date: Apr 9, 2018 12:34:33 PM

Monday 09 Apr 18

Trg: Band Practice

Loc.: Cedarwood Public School

Time: 1830-2100 hrs

Dress: Appropriate civilian attire

Note: Bring music and instruments

Wednesday 11 Apr 18

Trg: Regular Training

Loc.: Randall Public School

Time: 1830-2130 hrs

Dress: C2 (tunic + dress shirt)

Note: It will be SQN Drill Comp. night, we highly recommend that everyone attend

Friday 13 Apr 18

Trg: SQN Recreational Sports

Loc.: Mother Teresa Catholic School

Time: 1800-2200 hrs

Dress: Appropriate sports attire